Lunar phase calculator


The lunar phase calculator displays all the lunar phases between 1900 and 2100.

The calculations are coded in JavaScript and follow the method given by Bradley Schaefer. His article was published in Sky & Telescope, April 1994, page 86.

The waxing moon

The waxing moon sustains the yang dynamic energy, movement, travel, action and growth.
On the intellectual level, it's the imagination, ideation, inventiveness and decision.
It favors encounters and short term relationships, rapid action for immediate results.
Between the new moon and the full moon, it's a good time to plant vegetables which grow above ground but not for those which risk rising too fast and prematurely going to seed, as for lettuces. Of course, itís a good time to take cuttings, for tree planting and to encourage the rise of sap.
Wood for construction and carpentry are cut during a waxing moon.
When nails and hair are cut during a waxing moon they grow more in length than in thickness.

The waning moon

The waning moon sustains the dynamic yin energy, favorable for slowing down, for confrontation, for that which occurs in depth and in the inner darkness. It is conducive to rest and to conservation.
Firewood is cut during a waning moon.
It is a favorable time for sowing seeds and planting vegetables which grow in depth, roots and root vegetables or plants that we fear may go to seed too quickly, such as lettuces and spinach.
To gather, glean and harvest during these periods what we wish to conserve.
It is conducive to material and interior activities: to tidy, repair, strengthen and clean. Also, for developing lasting relationships, for affecting the long term and for that which may sometimes appear slower but often proves to be more productive.
When nails and hair are cut during a waning moon they grow more in thickness than in length.